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by Josef K.
17 Mar 2008, 15:08
Forum: Bubba Server Feature requests
Topic: Amule
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actually amule come without a GUI (amule-daemon) and with a web-server
I wonder if it can be installed on bubba ?_?
by Josef K.
14 Feb 2008, 12:39
Forum: Bubba Server Support
Topic: bubba and time machine?
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bubba and time machine?

to use time machine feature from osx leopard I need an hd formatted hfs (and I guess bubba can't be formatted with hfs :)) so if I could create a smaller hfs partition in bubba's HD I wonder if I can use TM if I can't make a new partition in bubba is there another solution to automatically backup my...
by Josef K.
12 Feb 2008, 11:14
Forum: Bubba Server Support
Topic: ipfilter for torrent client?
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ipfilter for torrent client?

I'm gonna buy a bubba since I love the idea to download torrents without keeping my notebook up all time ATM with my torrent client (utorrent) I use peerguardian for ipfilter-ing (I use pg since it automatically checks for ipfilter updates) I wonder if the client inside bubba can handle ipfilter.dat...