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by David
02 Mar 2008, 19:27
Forum: Bubba Server Support
Topic: Problem with downloads
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Well, can't do much more than confirming the hang of the web-ui for ftd when trying to add a torrent. But, adding them manually by putting them in the torrent directory works, and what is more interesting, the dllist.php works if loaded directly in the web browser, it's just the regular interface th...
by David
23 Jan 2008, 08:37
Forum: My Bubba Server
Topic: Bubba uptime contest!
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Still going strong, even after a few power outages... Yes it runs on an UPS 8)

Uptime 124 days 00:02:06 at 2008-01-23

by David
19 Sep 2007, 14:38
Forum: Bubba Server Support
Topic: Bubba admin interface misses vertical scrollbars
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just a thought, what about using css for keeping the menu and the graphic layout at a fix position and let the other content that doesn't fit on the screen scrollable?

That shouldn't mess up the layout too badly. :wink: